Egyptian Woman's Sarcophagus Mask

Mask description

This beautiful wood and plaster mask is a deaccession from the Rochester Museum & Science Center in Rochester, New York.  The mask is from the third intermediate period 1070-712 BC.  The elongated anthropoid coffin mask is decorated with bright polychrome paint over the gesso.  A bird/Vulture is painted upside down on the headdress.   The face is a cream color with brows and almond shaped eyes which feature large black irises and a well defined nose and mouth.   The mask measures 11 1/2" tall.  A museum label is still on the museum storage box. 

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Price- SOLD

Price $2000.00 plus postage and insurance



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Back view of Egyptian Woman's mask


Egyptian Man's Sarcophagus Mask

Additional Information

This beautiful Egyptian wooden mask dates from the Graeco - Roman Period 332 BC - 395 AD.  This exceptional wooden mask was deaccessioned from the Rochester Museum & Science Center in Rochester, New York.   The face is painted in flesh color with black eyebrows and eyelashes, large eye featuring black irises with dark blue eye liner surrounding the eyes.  there is blue painted beard and well defined nose and mouth highlighted with red lips and nostrils. 

 The mask measures 10 1/2" tall


This exceptional Egyptian mask is priced at $2000.00 plus postage and insurance.


Additional Images of Egyptian Man's mask


Back view of Egyptian Man's mask image


Side view of Egyptian men's mask